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100% natural, delicious, nutritious dry plant-based food.

Spacefood dried cherry fruits, dried pear wedges, dried peach wedges, dried mandarin wedges.
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Spacefood sets for space missions

We produce 100% natural healthy dehydrated fruits without additives. High-grade dry fruits are handpicked and packaged into resealable packs to enjoy on a long journey.

A seasonal selection of 4 fruits, vegetables, and berries matched according to the range of tastes and nutritional values. In this round, we picked apples, kiwi, melon, and persimmon, making the set of complementary vitamins necessary for interstellar travel.

Have a taste of our astronauts and cosmonauts-friendly dried fruits set.

Enhancing Spacefood: Price Adjustments & Exciting Features

Spacefood is committed to delivering top-quality, nutritious space meals. Due to world food inflation and advancements in drying techniques, we're adjusting our prices. Excitingly, customizable sets and new packaging are soon to launch. Feedback? Contact us for legacy pricing options.

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Chief Eating Officer

Promoting innovation with space & food tech

We are proud to be members of the INNOspace® Network established by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), as well as being esteemed alumni of the FoodHyper Bootcamp under the guidance Deutsche Institut für Lebensmittel (DIL).

We draw immense value from these dynamic networks. Acting as hubs of expertise across the industries, they inspire and enable us to fuel our innovative edge, collaboratively addressing formidable challenges in agriculture and healthcare, and shaping the future of sustenance in space.

If you are a part of running similar networks, please introduce yourself to us.

Spacefood reviews

Good quality dried fruit! No alien smell, fragrant, not wet. Persimmon is tasty. Cool packaging! :)


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