Delicious dry fruits made for space missions

Stay fit and healthy with the best dry food grown and packaged at the space station Earth.

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Spacefood apple dried rings, melon dried wedges, kiwi dried slices, persimmon dried slices.

Spacefood sets for space missions

We produce 100% natural healthy dehydrated fruits without additives. High-grade dry fruits are handpicked and packaged into resealable packs to enjoy on a long journey.

A seasonal selection of 4 fruits, vegetables, and berries matched according to the range of tastes and nutritional values. In this round, we picked apples, kiwi, melon, and persimmon, making the set of complementary vitamins necessary for interstellar travel.

Have a taste of our astronauts and cosmonauts-friendly dried fruits set.

Food for space acts differently

Watch a video posted by Canadian Space Agency to learn about how food performs in space and why crumbs and drops can be lethal.

Chris Hadfield's Space Kitchen video by Canadian Space Agency

Taking food to a far galaxy trip

There is a limit of fruits suitable to any environment and circumstances, eatable after an extended storage time. The struggle is not only the delivery of the meals suitable for space exploration missions. Limitations like storage time, exposure to radiation, and energy values make it hard to define a healthy diet. But also a taste.

But did you know that the taste of food is different in space? To be more specific, the sense of taste changes. The thousands of small taste buds that make up the tongue's surface expand in space, making food seem less flavorful.

With Spacefood we try to solve all of those problems.
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Promoting innovation with space tech

We are proud to be members of the INNOspace® Network established by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). These networks bring together experts from different industries to collaborate on innovative solutions to challenges in agriculture and healthcare.

Spacefood reviews

Good quality dried fruit! No alien smell, fragrant, not wet. Persimmon is tasty. Cool packaging! :)


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