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100% natural, delicious, nutritious dry fruits & vegetables
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Spacefood is participating in the ESA BIC Northern Germany program.

Space-grade nutrition for Earth and beyond

We specialize in providing dehydrated, plant-based foods meticulously chosen for their natural qualities that are dried without any additives. Ideal for the demands of space travel, our foods are designed to support endurance and well-being on any mission.

Every season, our selection includes a variety of fruits based on their taste and nutritional value. Our current lineup of dried mandarin, pear, peach, and cherry is diverse in flavor. It is packed with vitamins essential for sustained energy, whether for a terrestrial hike or stars hopping.

Introducing new Extra Stellar Mix

A blend of our 5 best-selling dried fruits in one pack
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Spacefood reviews

Our reviews are good because we are dedicated to serving your mission.
Every time you contact us, we try to solve an issue within 24 hours.

My favorite snack. I want MOAR!

Obviously, a fake. But we work to make it real. :)


Kiwi is the best dried fruit. Just a mind-blowing sower bomb. Unlike the sweet kiwi sold in Turkish shops, it has the real taste of fruit. Impossible to stop eating. At first, I thought it looks like mushrooms.


Good quality dried fruit! No alien smell, fragrant, not wet. Persimmon is tasty. Cool packaging! :)


Wonderful dry fruits! I got the 4 pack to taste and could not stop ordering more. My kids constantly demanding apples. I like how fast the order arrives.


To my taste out of 4 available, dried sliced melon is the best. It is fantastic! This dried melon has a sweet taste like dried mango fruit. I used to buy a lot of mango wedges from another brand, but now I'm totally into melon. It is my favorite.

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Georgian farmers holding a honey melon
Fusion of precise German equipment & local Georgian farm products

Certified production quality

With our partners, Caucasus Fruits, we have meticulously refined the entire process of growing, harvesting, and drying fruits and vegetables to ensure the highest quality.

Combining the finest produce from the Caucasus with advanced German machinery, our processes are among the best in the industry. We adhere to the strictest compliance and certifications established by the space industry and European institutions, guaranteeing that our dehydrated plant-based foods meet the highest standards.

FSSC 22000 food certification logoRead more about production
Eat nature's best with no additives

Nutritionally suprerior

Through advanced drying techniques maximum essential fibers, vitamins, and minerals are preserved. Zero additives enhance the natural goodness.
Spacefood nutritional and tasty plant based food patch
Enjoy every bite over & over

Consistent quality

Each piece offers emotional satisfaction with a consistent taste and texture, ensuring a reliable sensory experience.

Spacefood badge for highest quality and consistency
Prioritize reduced waste

Mindful packaging

Through thoughtful design Spacefood made of smaller amount of polymer while offering great storage time and reusability.

Spacefood mindful packaging badge
Avoid crumbs & oily fingers

Workspace safe

Designed for zero gravity environments. Spacefood less prone to crumbs and dirty fingers, ensuring practicality both in space and on Earth.

Spacefood safety badge
for safe workspace environemnt
Move through space & time

Travel optimized

Spacefood made to stand the test of time and distance, catering to journeys both in space and on Earth.

Food optimized for space adventures patch
Universal food challenges from space to Earth

Pizza in space - bad idea

Seems simple for Earth, in space, foods like pizza present hazardous challenges. Floating crumbs can choke an astronaut or clog a filter and oily spots are tricky to clean in a spaceship.

Also shortage of storage, no freezer, and health benefits pose dilemmas. Even more, the sense of taste changes in space, with expanding taste buds making many foods seem bland.

Read the story of Spacefood
Pizza slice with crumbs and oily pieces

This is not just an astronaut's problem. Similar challenges apply to other extreme environments on Earth where people work. Spacefood addresses these issues head-on to ensure nutritious, safe, and tasty food solutions.

Makes no mess
No added sugars
100% natural
Tottaly vegan
Chemicals free
Astronaut on the Moon waving to the camera

Join our space adventures

The video from ILA Berlin 2024 shows our role in the space industry and the true love of our customers and partners. See how Spacefood brings a smile to the faces of space enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Watch the video
Credits: SeeSaw Agency

Promoting food innovation with space tech

We are proud to be members of the INNOspace® Network established by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), as well as being esteemed alumni of the FoodHyper Bootcamp under the guidance Deutsche Institut für Lebensmittel (DIL).

We draw immense value from the networks. Acting as hubs of expertise across space, food, and tech, they enable us to develop our innovative edge. Collaboratively we addressing challenges of food in space shaping the future of exploration and sustainability.

If you are a part of running similar networks, please introduce yourself to us.

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