The Spacefood mission

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Fueling space explorers & Earth innovators

Like the 34% of people who dream of going on a space tour, we share that aspiration. The vastness of space beckons, but it also presents significant challenges. We understand that for space exploration to advance further, addressing the critical issue of sustainability.

As humanity's aspirations extend to new celestial domains, ensuring a sustainable and varied food supply becomes increasingly crucial. While advancements in recycling water and air on space missions have been made, food remains the main limiting factor in mission duration and distance.  

In space, the usual conveniences of Earth – like a quick trip to a store around the corner or regular waste collection trucks – are non-existent. This reality makes traditional food supply methods impractical.

In space, where every gram and millimeter is crucial, Spacefood optimizes nutrition, weight, and storage efficiency.
An astronaut making a spacewalk to dispose garbage in a garbage truck
Spacefood is more than food; it's a step towards longer, more ambitious sustainable food solutions.
  • Nutrition: Creating nutrient-rich, travel-efficient food to sustain long missions.
  • Storage: Innovating ways to keep food safe and appetizing in extreme conditions.
  • Waste: Developing sustainable practices to minimize and repurpose food waste.

Equally important is our dedication to addressing nutritional challenges here on Earth, ensuring that our solutions are effective in a variety of demanding environments.

Astronaut eating dried Spacefood fruits with chopsticks

Food in space is a challange

Limited food options for astronauts in space, much like professionals in harsh terrestrial environments, highlight the importance of food quality. In such demanding conditions, not just sustenance matters but also the food's ability to uplift morale and sustain energy.

Our advanced drying process preserves essential fibers, vitamins, and minerals without additives, offering Spacefood the purest form of nutrition. This is especially crucial for individuals tackling challenging projects, where maintaining well-being is paramount.

We meet the needs by ensuring a consistent taste and texture, providing a reliable and comforting sensory experience. This consistency is vital, offering a taste of home and a dependable energy source, which is particularly important in tough environments.

Chris Hadfield's Space Kitchen video by Canadian Space Agency

Eating astronaut's food in zero gravity

Discover how astronauts like Chris Hadfield handle the challenges of eating in space. Watch as he prepares a zero-gravity meal, showcasing the importance of quality food.

Watch the video

Paving the path for the next frontier

Spacefood is on a mission to be the "go-to" source for food on lunar and Martian bases. Which is tied to integration into closed-cycle solutions for food growth, preservation, and utilization.

In the first step, we tackle food preservation by crafting top-tear treats for astronauts, using the learnings as a foundation to adapt and optimize for unique challenges.

Nutritionally Superior
Universally Safe
Consistent Quality
Travel Optimized
Mindfully Packaged

Each season, we select fruits for their excellent taste and texture. Rigorous testing across diverse consumers, from humans to animals and aliens, ensures universal appeal. Each release features a curated mix of four fruits, vegetables, or berries, offering a delicious mix of flavors and essential vitamins.

Delivery of Spacefood to the Moon collage


Spacefood is 100% natural dried fruits with no additives

Just a dehydrated plant, delicious and healthy.

Factory buildingUnloading delivery of fresh applesLoading the production line

With our Georgian partner, Caucasus Organic Fruits, we went through a tedious try-and-error process to place only the best exceptional products in your orbit. Where we pick only the best harvest to go into our packaging.

Washing applesInspecting and hand cutting the apples for drying

A big part of our production is constantly examining and fine-tuning the gentle, close-to-natural drying process.

Our factory crew manually handpicks and checks each slice and wedge, ensuring outstanding quality.

Loading the dryers with the freshly cut fruitsActivating the drying processTransporting dried fruits to the resting roomStorage areaChecking the cellular structure of the product

Our production adheres to rigorous and demanding certifications. This ensures each Spacefood batch surpasses quality and safety standards, delivering only the finest products to you.

Running the laboratory testsCareful microscopic analysisProduction line imageA Spacecraft hatch :)

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Photos by Alex Brunner

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