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Spacefood project is a bootstrapping startup. Our unconventional route starts by making Spacefood available to space exploration enthusiasts. We designed and produced packaging with the founder's private funds, ordered the first batch of fruits, and constructed the e-commerce sales point. The revenue from sales we reinvest into business development and strengthening our relations in the space exploration industry.

Our wild passion for space travel made us think about space exploration missions. In parallel, we love to snack on dried apples, plums, and mango. Thus, merging the two passions became obvious. We ended up building an interstellar business. The Spacefood brand produces high-quality, affordable dried fruits to be served everywhere. Including alien worlds.

100% natural texture, aroma, and nutrition values

A lot of effort went into the drying technique and preservation of 100% natural texture, aroma, and nutrition values. The drying process we developed with our partners focuses on preserving fruits, vegetables, and berries without any additives. Just a dried fruit - as is.

Mandarin and dried wedge bacgkground
Spacefood mandarine pack
Spacefood production factory in Georgia

The production line is located in Georgia, a wonderful country of amazing people and great soil. The factory producing our fruits is optimized for small production volumes (up to 10 tonnes of single fruit). The lean setup and amazing team allow us to adjust the production line toward harsh requirements and demanding certifications.

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Partner with us as...

Astronaut or trainee

Be at the forefront of space nutrition by integrating Spacefood into your missions.

Your firsthand experience and feedback are vital. Share how our food enhances your space journey, its effects on your health, and how waste can potentially rejuvenate soil in closed-loop ecosystems. Your insights could revolutionize food in space.

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Nutrition scientist

Join us in groundbreaking research to optimize space nutrition.

We're looking to collaborate on studies of plant based foods in space conditions, focusing on reutilization of packaging and unconsumed food for sustainable applications like 3D printing or as a novel soil supplement. Your expertise can help shape the future of space food systems.

Please, introduce yourself

Space agency staff

Leverage your unique position within the space community to foster groundbreaking collaborations.

Introducing Spacefood to decision-makers involved in space mission nutrition or astronauts could catalyze significant advancements in space food technology. Your initiative can open doors to new partnerships that enrich space missions and our collective understanding of sustainable space living.

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Startup investor

Capitalize on the burgeoning space nutrition market with Spacefood.

As an investor, your partnership not only propels cutting-edge advancements in this field but also positions you at the forefront of a lucrative, growing industry. Experience Spacefood firsthand, understand our vision, and see how your investment can unlock exponential growth opportunities and shape the future of space exploration.

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Team manager

Improve your team's productivity and morale with Spacefood.

By integrating our nutritious offerings into your organization, you contribute to their well-being and our mission. Explore how our healthy, space-optimized snacks can be a game-changer for your team's energy levels and focus.

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Social media influencer

Boost your platform with Spacefood’s unique story.

Partnering with us not only educates and inspires your audience about sustainable, space-optimized nutrition but also enhances your content with innovative, trending topics. Join our affiliate program to benefit from exclusive insights, offers, and the chance to be part of a pioneering space food community.

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Extraterrestrial species

Imagine the possibilities of an interstellar partnership.

Help introduce Earth's finest foods to your world. We're eager to explore collaborations in growing, preserving, and enjoying Earth-native and local extraterrestrial produce. Let's create a universal exchange of flavors and nutrition.

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The ambition

Our primary target is to create a solid brand that participates in the food-cycle production, shipping, and utilization in space while contributing to the agricultural sector on Earth.

1st phase

We supply space missions with delicious dry fruits, vegetables, and berries to supplement a meal for the space crew or a snack for engineers on the ground.

2nd phase

We focus is on the research. While the crew on ISS already grows vegetables, the problem with preserving the harvest remains. We want learn how our dried food performs in low gravity and in the closed-cycle environment.

3rd phase

The most complex step requires all the knowledge and the well-established processes. We aim to grow fruits, vegetables, berries on Moon and Mars.

Our products are already hitting analog missions, helping participants maintain peak physical and mental conditions. But our ambition goes further. We envision Spacefood becoming a part of everyday extraordinary experiences – from cinema capsules on the Moon to planetary hikes and asteroid camping.

Spacefood launch milestones so far

Driven by our love for space exploration and healthy food.

We are a startup fueled by passion, relying on personal funds and support from friends and family. Our journey might seem long, but we are doing it without external investors or significant savings.

Here you can see our progress broken down into quarterly goals. Some plans might change along the way, but our commitment to delivering delicious Spacefood remains steadfast.

Last update 22.01.2024



Launching our initial fruit selection and drafting our website. Packaging design conceptualized and prepped for production.



Opening preorders on the website, and finalizing packaging. Production line setup in Georgia and first import of dried fruits to Germany dispatched.


Fulfilling preorders, increasing Spacefood imports, learning interstellar logistics, and establishing a self-pickup station.


Delivering orders, gathering customer feedback, boosting marketing, and enhancing social media engagement.


Showcasing at Space Tech Expo 2022 and participating in space-focused events to expand our reach.



Spacefood officially becomes a company co-founded by three passionate individuals. By this time, the project has generated an income of €2,200.


Conducting customer research and expanding our business strategy to include additional target groups.


Expanding our fruit range, serving larger orders, and introducing Spacefood in local coffee shops.


Presenting at Space Tech Expo 2024, launching on Amazon Germany, and introducing monthly subscriptions.



Participating in Green Weeks 2024, gaining TV exposure, and establishing key food industry contacts.


Collaborating with partners to improve our production line, focusing on safer, longer-lasting food and packaging.


Promoting Spacefood at rocket launchpads in the US and Europe, expanding our team.


Securing additional funding, continuing promotions, and recruiting more specialists.



Focusing on R&D, studying how our products fare in simulated space conditions and harsh environments on Earth.


Continuing R&D, particularly in optimizing packaging for longer shelf life and sustainability.


Initiating projects to explore the viability of growing and drying food in controlled space-like environments.


Developing prototypes for food production in space, setting the stage for future space missions.

Undisclosed future

Here we meet a time continuum fork. Our time travel scientist predicts 3 major scenarios that we are not ready to share yet. ;)

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