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The regular delivery service to receive space-optimized, nutritious foods directly to your door is tailored to support both work and adventure. Our subscription ensures you always have access to healthy treats.

4 Packs Subscription

4 Packs Subscription
18,00 €
Satellite kit
Good for 1 space explorer

12 Packs Subscription

12 Packs Subscription
52,00 €
Planetary set
Great for a crew of 3

40 Packs Subscription

40 Packs Subscription
160,00 €
Supernova bundle
Perfect for teams of 10

Why Spacefood

Spacefood is made to endure, perfectly fitting the long stretches in space and demanding environments on Earth. Its resilience assures quality, nutrition, and satisfaction no matter the mission's length or location.

Specially created for zero gravity environments, Spacefood minimizes crumbs and mess. It's the ideal choice for astronauts in space and professionals in high-tech workspaces on Earth, ensuring cleanliness and convenience.

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Our advanced drying process preserves the essential fibers, vitamins, and minerals without additives. This means Spacefood offers the purest nutritional experience, supporting well-being of people working on tough projects.

Spacefood promises a consistent taste and texture, providing a reliable and comforting sensory experience. This consistency is essential for people seeking a taste of home and dependable energy source.

With an eco-conscious design, our packaging uses minimal polymer, extending storage life and enhancing reusability. This approach reflects our commitment to sustainable practices in both space travel and earth-based operations.

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Astronaut eating dried Spacefood fruits with chopsticks


Answers to questions regarding the subscription
Can I customize the selection of food in the subscription?

You can customize your cargo by selecting preferred fruits from our available range each month. This ensures that every shippment you receive is tailored to your taste.

Are there any commitments or can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your account settings anytime before we dispatch your monthly cargo.

Can I gift a Spacefood subscription to someone else?

Absolutely! A Spacefood subscription makes a great gift. Just enter the recipient's address during the checkout process or change it in the account settings, and we'll take care of the rest.

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How does shipping work for the subscription?

We ship your Spacefood cargo by the end of each month. We notify you every time a few days before the shipment, and on the day we dispatch the package.

What is your policy on returns or dissatisfaction with a product?

While we accept returns of unopened products, we encourage you to consider sharing any items you don't like with friends who might enjoy them. If you do choose to return an item, please contact us.

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