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January 27, 2024

Launching into the Unknown: SoftPodcast Explores Spacefood

Astronaut observing the Mars base
Join us on an exciting journey as we unravel the mysteries of food in the space of SoftPodcast. Explore astronaut nutrition, uncover the unique challenges of cosmic scale, and glimpse into the grand plans of Spacefood. Don't miss the engaging podcast conversation between E and Sergiej.
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December 1, 2023

Enhancing Spacefood: Price Adjustments & Exciting Features

Spaceship table full of fruit bowls
Spacefood is committed to delivering top-quality, nutritious space meals. Due to world food inflation and advancements in drying techniques, we're adjusting our prices. Excitingly, customizable sets and new packaging are soon to launch. Feedback? Contact us for legacy pricing options.
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Excellent for space and Earth

Spacefood is made to endure, perfectly fitting the long stretches in space and demanding environments on Earth. Its resilience assures quality, nutrition, and satisfaction no matter the mission's length or location.

Specially created for zero gravity environments, Spacefood minimizes crumbs and mess. It's the ideal choice for astronauts in space and professionals in high-tech workspaces on Earth, ensuring cleanliness and convenience.

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Our advanced drying process preserves the essential fibers, vitamins, and minerals without additives. This means Spacefood offers the purest nutritional experience, supporting well-being of people working on tough projects.

Spacefood promises a consistent taste and texture, providing a reliable and comforting sensory experience. This consistency is essential for people seeking a taste of home and dependable energy source.

With an eco-conscious design, our packaging uses minimal polymer, extending storage life and enhancing reusability. This approach reflects our commitment to sustainable practices in both space travel and earth-based operations.

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Astronaut eating dried Spacefood fruits with chopsticks