Enhancing Spacefood: Price Adjustments & Exciting Features

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1 Dec
Chief Eating Officer
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Dear Valued Spacefood Enthusiasts and Space Crews,

At Spacefood, we've always been committed to offering you the highest quality, most nutritious, and tastiest meals for your interstellar adventures. Our mission is to ensure you remain energized and nourished in your missions.

We've had to make some adjustments to continue delivering on our promise of the highest-quality dried fruits in the universe.

Increasing Our Prices: Here's Why

Due to various factors, from sourcing superior products and adjustments to the world food inflation (which stands at about an insane 40%) to our investment into better drying techniques. While this decision wasn't taken lightly, it's necessary to maintain the unparalleled quality you've come to expect from our products.

The good news? With these adjustments come exciting advancements. We are thrilled to announce new features in a matter of months are coming. Many of you have been waiting for customized Spacefood sets and new packaging.

To our loyal customers, if you feel like it is unfair, please drop us a message, and we will provide you with a personalized discount so you keep enjoying the legacy pricing. We're here to journey through space with you. ;)

Shiny stars and safe travels,
The Spacefood Team

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