The startup

Spacefood project is a bootstrapping startup. Our unconventional route starts by making Spacefood available to space exploration enthusiasts. We designed and produced packaging with the founder's private funds, ordered the first batch of fruits, and constructed the e-commerce sales point. The revenue from sales we reinvest into business development and strengthening our relations in the space exploration industry.

Our wild passion for space travel made us think about space exploration missions. In parallel, we love to snack on dried apples, plums, and mango. Thus, merging the two passions became obvious. We ended up building an interstellar business. The Spacefood brand produces high-quality, affordable dried fruits to be served everywhere. Including alien worlds.

Astronaut serving dried apple rings to an alien

A lot of effort went into the drying technique and preservation of 100% natural texture, aroma, and nutrition values. The drying process we developed with our partners focuses on preserving fruits, vegetables, and berries without any additives. Just a dried fruit - as is.

The production line is located in Georgia, a wonderful country of amazing people and great soil. The factory producing our fruits is optimized for small production volumes (up to 10 tonnes of single fruit). The lean setup and amazing team allow us to adjust the production line toward harsh requirements and demanding certifications.

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Partner with us

As a space agency

Make an introduction to someone working with the food supply chain for space missions or a space crew member who might take Spacefood to a space mission.

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As a private company

Help us to deliver Spacefood to the orbit of the relevant people. Or order Spacefood to make your team happier and healthier. It will support us too.

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As a researcher

Let's run tests on dried food in a space mission and see how we can reutilize the packaging and unconsumed food. We could use it for 3d printing or as a soil supplement.

As an astronaut 

Take our dried fruits to the mission, and keep us updated on how you like the food. Let's investigate how your digestive system reacts to Spacefood and if we can reuse the output for rejuvenating the soil.

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As an investor

We seek to grow our network, knowledge, and funds to optimize and scale the business. There are numerous issues to solve and your help will be very valuable. But first, order Spacefood and taste it. Let us know how it was.

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As an alien

Open a Spacefood office on your planet. We can help you with the import, production, and growth of Earth-native food in your world. Also, we will be happy to work hand in hand (or tentacle) on your local supply of fruits, vegetables, and berries.

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The ambition

Our primary target is to create a solid brand that participates in the food-cycle production, shipping, and utilization in space while contributing to the agricultural sector on Earth.

Within the first phase, we aim to supply space missions with delicious dry fruits, vegetables, and berries to supplement a meal for the space crew or a snack for engineers on the ground.

The second phase of our focus is on the research. While the space crew on ISS already grows vegetables, the problem with preserving the harvest is to be solved. We must learn how dried food performs in zero gravity in a closed-cycle environment. We are looking to collaborate on projects for drying or utilization of harvest for further use.

The third phase is the most complex and requires all the knowledge and a well-established process. In the long run, we aim to grow berries and vegetables on Moon and Mars bases, hoping to grow fertile trees with fruits in lowered gravity.

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